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/Bibby HydroMap continues to invest in Coda Octopus Survey Engine® software


Coda Octopus started in the Marine Industry with its cutting edge GeoSurvey™ software suite over 20 years ago. This software package has been the industry’s workhorse for an extended period of time with thousands of individual users.

Over the past 8 years, Coda Octopus has invested heavily in its new generation of geophysical software suite: Survey Engine®. During this period, Coda Octopus and Bibby HydroMap have worked together under a strategic agreement to define the latest state-of-the-art requirements of the geophysical survey and processing market. Bibby’s input was used in developing our latest Survey Engine® software.

This collaboration has allowed Coda Octopus to bring to the market its exciting newest release of the geophysical software suite: Survey Engine®. Survey Engine® is a powerful application with many new features that are designed to give its users more productivity by reducing processing time. New features include enhanced interpretation functions, enhanced fish height facilities, improved seismic processing and integrated BAG file support.

Following extensive testing, Bibby HydroMap have invested in our new generation of Survey Engine® (Version 5) and have adapted their geophysical work processes to maximize the benefit of using this powerful new platform.

Review by senior management of both companies concluded that the agreement was an outstanding success, allowing each company open and un-paralleled access to each other’s knowledge and experience. This arrangement has been beneficial to both parties.

Both companies have confirmed their commitment to the strategic agreement for another 12 months.

Bibby HydroMap Senior Geophysicist Chris Ferguson comments:

“The strategic agreement has meant a great deal to the geophysics department through the changes to the processing environment, allowing the processor greater interaction with data and supplementary information. The agreement has meant we have achieved a better understanding of the development environment allowing BHL to tailor interaction with the developers to bring focused ideas forward for future products.”

Blair Cunningham of Coda Octopus says:

“It has been a great pleasure and achievement working with our long-term client Bibby HydroMap under this agreement for our successful Survey Engine® 5.0 upgrade release. The agreement enabled us direct access to Bibby’s user feedback and to their valuable expertise and experience. This successful development allowed us to keep pace with the rapidly changing geophysical survey market requirements and to identify new features and functionality to deliver maximum processing efficiency and control to our users.”

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