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Data Courtesy of Aspect Land and Hydrographic Survey We know that CodaOctopus MOTION users are rightly proud of the quality of the data that they’re able to generate. We would like to share this with the world, and showcase some of this amazing data quality on our website, so we are asking all our CodaOctopus MOTION users out there to help us put together an image library showing great multibeam sonar survey data collected using one of our F175™ or F180® series products.

We’re inviting all product users to send us some imagery of their best survey data for inclusion in our gallery. Please e-mail us at info@codaoctopus.com attaching a small (<5MB) image, along with some background information about where the data was collected, what type of sonar was used, and where relevant what sort of thing we’re looking at. We will then send you a secure FTP site address you can use to upload high-definition images. A selection of the best entrants will be published on our website, with full accreditation to the data provider. This offer is time limited so please submit your entry by 30th June 2014. 

All entrants will receive a stylish Polo-shirt, as modelled below by our MOTION product support team! The entry judged to show the most impressive imagery will be awarded two year’s free recalibration services, with all shipping paid, and a free loan F180® system to provide cover during the recalibration!

The CodaOctopus TEAM™ team


The CodaOctopus TEAM™ team, pictured on a rare sunny day outside out offices in Edinburgh! Alex Ewart, Jose Guilabert Bravo, Bianca Baum, Karine Buckwell and Jon Simpson




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