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/Coda Octopus will hold an Echoscope® Demonstration in Shenzhen, China

Coda Octopus has been declared the overall winner of the Create in Shenzhen 2016 competition, which gives us the chance to visit Shenzhen from May 10 – 17, where we will demonstrate our unique technology, the world’s first and only real-time 3D sonar, the Echoscope®.

The Echoscope®

This unique technology enables both:

• real-time 3D visualization of the subsea scene when poor to zero visibility conditions prevents the use of traditional cameras and

• high grade survey of the surrounding area including production of detailed bathymetry of the seabed to IHO S-44 Standard.

The demonstration

As this is an exclusive opportunity for all interested parties to get to know our hardware and software products better, we kindly invite you to join if you will be around Shenzhen at this time, or know of anyone who would be interested in participating.

Our demonstration is divided into 2 sections:

I. A classroom session to explain the operation of the equipment, different applications, uses and basic operation of the system.

II. Followed by an on-water demonstration of the Echoscope®. As all the data is acquired in real-time, invitees to the on-water demonstration will be able to instantly see the results of the equipment in operation.

The demonstration will be on Monday, May 16th

If you would like to take part at our Echoscope® demonstration or arrange a meeting with one of our engineers in Shenzhen, please email: sales@codaoctopus.com or fanqq@scig.com.cn

For further information, please visit:http://www.codaoctopus.com/news-press/coda-octopus-wins-create-shenzhen-2016-competition

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