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/CodaOctopus® Construction Monitoring Software (CMS) V2.1 release

We are pleased to announce the updated version of our powerful and unique Codaoctopus® Construction Monitoring Software (CMS) is released and available for distribution.

CMS V2.1, combined with the unique capabilities of the real time 3D Echoscope® sonar, is a complete workflow management solution for construction projects which require accurate and repeatable placements such as breakwater construction or asset positioning. It provides the capability to manage, monitor and document the entire construction phase of the asset placement project.

The software is certified for Accropode™, Accropode™ II and Xbloc®; other designs of block can easily be added as required.

New Key Features

For this CMS 2.1 version, the Coda Octopus Development Team has added the new Inflation and Occlucion features to the Advanced tab.

Inflation does not rely on a fixed distance between the sonar head and the block. It automatically compensates for the apparent over/under sizing of viewed blocks at different ranges. This allows the range between the sonar and the block to be varied, allowing for different sonar mounting solutions.

Occlucion is a solution that helps prevent tracking errors when the tracked block is only partially visible. Block placement necessarily involves blocks being placed close together, which typically results in the sonar only seeing partial views of the tracked block. Occlucion computes other block/object positions detected before the tracked block is obscured to enable successful block tracking even in partially visible situations.

The CMS 2.1 version also enables the Echoscope® to cover a wider coverage area by incorporating the Integrated Single Axis Rotator (http://www.codaoctopus.com/news-press/new-integrated-single-axis-rotator...) allowing the sonar head to be rotated or tilted. This increases the area which can be covered, and also allows the geometry between the sonar head and the block to be altered for an improved acoustic image.

Additionally, a number of minor bug fixes have been addressed.

For more information about our new CMS software please contact Coda Octopus Support at support@codaoctopus.com

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