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/Echoscope® 3D sonar Workshop & demonstration, December 5, 2013 St Petersburg FL

 Rapid detailed 3D imaging – Reduce Costs & Improve Safety


  Real-time high resolution 3D images

  • Save time and money with rapid surveys and no post processing
  • 3D scene
  • Instant identification
  • “SEE what other sonars don’t show”
  • Outputs compatible with Hypack, Qinsy, Leica Cyclone and more

 Coda Octopus will hold a one day workshop in St. Petersburg, Fl. demonstrating Echoscope® 3D sonar technology on December 5th.  


 Applications such as:

  • rapid inspection of harbor walls, vessel hulls, piers and bridges,  and sea beds
  • Subsea IRM- Decommissioning, etc.
  • Salvage operations
  • Underwater construction – Concrete Block Placement
  • Dredging
  • Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) surveys
  • Port Security
  •  Harbor Clearance

 Reservations are limited and go quickly. Please contact Mike Agor mike.agor@codaoctopus.com  or Greg Nipper greg.nipper@codaoctopus.com (863-937-8985) to reserve a spot.  A more detailed schedule of events will be provided.

For a preview, please visit our website www.codaoctopus.com. If desired you can also make an appointment to meet with our President of Technology or sales team on your specific project needs. 

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