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/New Calibrated Echoscope System Delivered to China

We are delighted to report that we have delivered the first ever Calibrated Echoscope System to a highly respected customer in China. The undisclosed client, a leading underwater research institution, contacted us with precisely defined specifications which required target strength returns from the Echoscope sonar to be both accurate and absolute, regardless of where the object was in 3D space.

Following in-depth negotiations and the application of the acoustic engineering skills of CodaOctopus, the Calibrated Echoscope Real-Time 3D Sonar System was delivered to the Chinese client. Providing over 16,000 accurate intensity returns per ping, it enables the user to locate objects of known target strength; this makes the system ideally suited to a range of underwater applications including mine counter measures (MCM), environmental projects and rapid object classification surveys.

Commenting on this major achievement Managing Director Stephen Auld said, “It is thanks to our Chinese customer’s vision and the skills of our acoustic engineers that we have successfully delivered a ‘first of its kind’ system, built upon our unique Echoscope technology.”

Operating with the Calibrated Echoscope, an Octopus F180+ precision attitude and positioning system was included in the contract along with team membership, which provides the client with enhanced after sales service and unrivalled technical support.

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