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Coda Octopus announces the release of its latest Version 5 of Survey Engine.  This is a major release of our powerful sidescan and seismic processing, interpretation and reporting software package for geophysical surveys.

This release is based upon extensive research and collaboration with leading market geophysical service providers who have given us their insight into what is needed.  Consequently, our Version 5 features are geared towards improving the overall processing time (including for very large projects), hence reducing costs of such operations.  Some of the new features included in this release are:

• Snap to Node
• Bathymetric Attribute Grid (BAG) File Support
• Restore seabed shape
• Heave Compensation
• Copy Fish Heights
• Support for Non Geo-Referenced Data

Detailed information on each new feature is listed below.

Bibby Hydromap, long term Survey Engine users, have decided to adopt Version 5. Chris Ferguson Senior Geophysicist states: "following extensive Version 4 pre-release testing we decided to deploy Version 4 into our processing workflows. We have since realised significant processing and cost savings through the new software. Recent releases have continued to improve the software performance and we are looking forward to using the advanced features included in Version 5, which will further enhance our survey reports and reduce our processing time".

Version 5 is the first part of our major release and we will continue over the next six months to introduce other significant features in Version 5, Part 2. Purchasers of Version 5 (Part 1) will be entitled to upgrade to Survey Engine Version 5 Part 2 at no further charge. For information on the features that will be included in Part 2, please contact us.

To upgrade to Survey Engine 5 or to arrange a full functionality free trial, please contact our sales team on +44 (0)131 553 1380 or sales@codaoctopus.com.


Snap to Node

When placing interpretation the user now has the option to automatically 'snap' to the nearest nodes. This allows nodes to be placed directly on top of an existing node ensuring there are no gaps or slivers between adjoining node types.


Bathymetry Attribute Grid (BAG)

Survey Engine Version 5 allows BAG files to be imported as part of the project. These files contain a grid of elevation values corresponding to a vertical datum. When generating a report the user has the ability to report the Z value as part of the output, which is obtained from querying the relevant BAG file. It can also be used in seismic projects to perform calculations involving depth.


Restore Seabed Shape

A new processing function which will shift the pings to display the original seabed shape based on the altitude of the acquired data. This is most useful for ROV and AUV acquired data which employed terrain following during the data acquisition.


Heave Compensation

Another new processing function which will shift the display of data based on heave values found in the file or added via corrected values.


Copy Fish Heights

Where Sidescan sonar has both high and low frequency data in a file, Survey Engine now has the ability to copy the picked seabed values from one frequency to another. This means the user no longer has to pick the seabed twice when using both frequencies, saving on overall processing time. This is completed through the Data Explorer and supports multiple files in one operation.


Support for Non-Geo Referenced Data

Survey Engine Version 5 now supports the ability to import files with (0,0) coordinates and allows coordinate correction to be applied during processing. This feature allows data acquired from AUV platforms - often acquired with no on-line navigation values - to be processed and also prevents rejection of pings in data where on-line navigation has had sporadic drop outs.

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