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/New Release - USE V 7.1, Underwater Survey Monitor & 3D Survey Viewer

As part of our continued enhancement and improvement of our CodaOctopus® Underwater Survey Explorer Software Package and subsidiary modules, we are pleased to announce the release of:

  • CodaOctopus® Underwater Survey Explorer Version 7.1; and
  • CodaOctopus® 3D Survey Viewer Version 7.0.70; and
  • CodaOctopus® Underwater Survey Monitor Version 7.0.74

These releases include some new features, general performance improvements and routine maintenance fixes. For full release notes please contact Support@codaoctopus.com

All users are encouraged to upgrade to this latest release as it includes general performance improvements which will be beneficial.
This is available free of charge to existing TEAM members.

For those users who do not have a current TEAM subscription please contact sales@codaoctopus.com

Underwater Survey Explorer V 7.1

New features:

  • When using the Echoscope® XD, Underwater Survey Explorer V 7.1 has access to the 240kHz Wide Angle frequencies, enabling a 90° x 44° field of view
  • Charts can now be exported with Shading enabled
  • Should a serious maintenance fault occur, the user can send technical details of the issue directly to Coda Octopus from within Survey Explorer (requires Internet connection)

Underwater Survey Explorer V 7.1

New features:

  • Volume Model Support: 3D Volumetric Models generated and exported from CodaOctopus® Underwater Survey Explorer can be loaded and viewed within CodaOctopus® 3D Survey Viewer. This enables the user to easily interpret the higher resolution 3D data, view the data from any perspective and take measurements from the data. These features are particularly useful in the generation of reports following inspection of harbour walls, quays and breakwaters.

 Underwater Survey Monitor Version 7.0.74

New features:

  • Repeat measurements: The user can now run Underwater Survey Monitor in continuous measurement mode. 

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