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Mosaic+ - New Product!
Pipeline+ - New Product!
Seismic+ - Major enhancements
Sidescan+ - Major enhancements

We are delighted to announce the release of Survey Engine 4, our powerful sidescan and seismic processing, interpreting and reporting software suite for geophysical surveys.  This comprehensive package allows the user to integrate all sensor data within a single project which massively reduces interpretation time resulting in significant cost-savings. This major upgrade brings two completely new modules: Mosaic+ and Pipeline+ to the Survey Engine platform. All additions are fully integrated with Seismic+ and Sidescan+ and bring a host of new features for our existing Survey Engine user base. For full description of Survey Engine 4 please visit our website.

To upgrade to Survey Engine 4 or to arrange a full functionality free trial, please contact our sales team.


Produce the highest quality, full resolution sidescan sonar mosaics in the shortest of timescales

Survey Engine Mosaic+
  • Designed for any size of project – from single lines to massive sites
  • Produce high quality mosaics at your sensor’s full native resolution
  • Extremely easy to use and intuitive software
  • Interpret directly on the mosaic or on the sidescan waterfall window and view results in both
  • Integrate geotechnical and other contextual data to aid interpretation
  • Powerful feature reconciliation feature to quickly consolidate the same feature interpreted on multiple lines
  • Large array of processing functions
  • Full support for full and partial survey line transparency


Powerful interpretation toolkit for sidescan pipeline inspection data

Survey Engine Pipeline+
  • Pipeline specific interpretation types such as Free Spans, Exposures, Burials, Partial Burials all supported
  • Integrated span height measurement tool, as used and trusted by the industry in GeoSurvey
  • Define and display pipeline interpretation  corridor
  • Many export options for interpretation including GIS, CAD, Excel and user definable ASCII formats


New Features for Existing Survey Engine Users

Of course, we haven’t forgotten our existing Survey Engine user base… here is a selection of powerful features available to Sidescan+ and Seismic+ users as well as Mosaic+ and Pipeline+ users in Survey Engine 4.

Powerful, Intuitive Navigation Editing

  • View and edit your navigation data in an easy to use ‘click and drag’ editorAdvanced 3 pass automated smoothing including outlier removal
  • Position, Heading, KP, DCC, Layback, Fish Offset and Water Depth can all be edited and smoothed
  • Great tool for QC of data to easily identify and rectify navigation errors

Expanded Export Formats With New Attribute Manager

Shape File Export
  • Native GIS and CAD outputs are supported with availbaility of SHP and DXF formats
  • Extremely powerful Attribute Manager to ensure that all your interpretations are exported with full attribute properties that will be available in the GIS and CAD platforms
  • All measurements and dimensions associated with your intepreted features can be stored as attributes for export
  • ASCII reporting also now integrates with the Attribute Manager ensurinf a consisten, powerful interface across all export formats 

Target Manager

Target Manager
  • Navigate through your interpreted features easily using our new Target Manager
  • Sort by Feature Type, Classification, Time and KP with a handy ‘Show Feature in Data Window’ to immediately locate the feature you are looking for
  • All feature properties are available for editing and measurements can be made interactively
  • Snapshot images of the feature are also displayed when available
  • Target Manager can be used from the Sidescan, Seismic and Survey Explorer windows

Forced User Measures

Forced User Measures
  • Forced User Measures allow the user to setup interpretation types to automatically prompt for measurements to be performed when the interpretation is placed
  • Minimise the amount of time in completing missing measurements from interpretations
  • Measurements now displayed on screen, so easily visible
  • User can specify length, width, height, span height, depth and offsets to be Forced Measures
  • We have also introduced short cut keys for interpretation types to make the process more productive 

Feature Consolidation Toolkit

  • A powerful new feature to allow rapid consolidation of features interpretted from overlapping lines
  • Features from other lines shown as semi-transparent but can still be edited from the current line
  • Select multiple features and then consolidate them to an existing or place a new feature

Sidescan Survey Line Coverage

Sidescan Survey Line Coverage
  • Display the coverage of your sidescan lines
  • Easily identify areas of missing coverage and areas of unnecessary overlap
  • Simple property setting of the line that can be quickly toggled 

And Many More…

  • User definable sections – apply different processing functions for each section to get the finest control over your data set
  • New TVG Normalisation function – a powerful processing function to normalise the signal gain across multiple sidescan survey lines simultaneously
  • Ability to copy seabed location from one sidescan channel to another
  • Improved cursor linkage between Survey Explorer and Sidescan and Seismic Data windows
  • Single checkbox to show/hide each survey line in Data Explorer window
  • Directional arrows on lines in Survey Explorer to indicate run direction
  • New Screen Dump option from Survey Explorer

CodaOctopus®,  Survey Engine®, Seismic+™, Sidescan+™, Mosaic+™, Pipeline+ ™ and Underwater Survey Explorer™ (Reg. US. Pat & TM Off) are trademarks of Coda Octopus

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