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One of our Coda Octopus' offices, Coda Octopus Products PTY Ltd, based in Fremantle, WA Australia, would like to introduce and our new products and services that we can provide to assist you in your underwater inspection, maintenance and security activities for port and harbour infrastructure.

We manufacture, sell and rent a unique 3D real time sonar, branded as the Echoscope®, which is used extensively worldwide for a wide variety of underwater applications.  We can provide high definition XYZ point cloud georeferenced data for your underwater structures as well as observing maintenance operations (e.g. construction, dredging, diver movements) in real time. Our clients include Port of New Orleans, Port of Baton Rouge, Port of Mobile, Plaquemines Parish, Port Everglades, Associated British Ports, Panama Canal Authority, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Coast Guard, US Navy, Memorial Park Alliance (NZ), 3 Gorges Dam, China; Water Corporation of WA; Chevron Australia; Shell Development Australia; Technip; Subsea 7; Fugro; UTEC;  Lockheed Martin;  FBI; NYPD; Boskalis; DEME; Van Oord – to name but a few. 

It’s probably best to show you some images of data examples…

Pipes in front of Sheet Piling:

Collapsed Wooden Pier Debris:

Naval Wharf Inspection:

Quayside Piles:

Sluice Gates:

Hazard found in Lock Gate:

Bridge Inspection:

Section of Bridge Collapse Debris:

Here are some short video examples of vessel based marine infrastructure inspection.  These are all playbacks of the live recorded data i.e. no post processing applied:

Here are some videos that demonstrate our REAL-TIME capability to monitor moving objects underwater:

Here is a picture of a small vessel installation that is suitable for inspection and survey. You can see that we can incorporate a combined Visual/Infrared camera with the same field of view as the Echoscope to enhance the inspection capability for the above water section of the asset.

In order to perform a surface based underwater inspection, you would normally require the following spread of equipment:

  • Vessel with cabin and suitable power supply – Client supplied

With regard to outputs,  our software can map (mosaic) the data and perform 3D “binning” of the data to produce a regular gridded X,Y,Z point cloud ASCII data set.  We can also produce Volume Rendered images.   It is possible to import point cloud data into CAD packages, please see this article for example: https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/autocad/learn-explore/caas/CloudHelp/cloudhelp/2016/ENU/AutoCAD-Core/files/GUID-C0C610D0-9784-4E87-A857-F17F1F7FEEBE-htm.html

It is also possible to import CAD DXF files into our software so that these can be displayed with the real time point cloud sonar data overlaid.  This is recommended as it gives a lot of context to the data and anomalies can be immediately identified.

We can sell you the full equipment spread and train your staff to operate it or we can rent it to you as part of our service provision.  If you decide to contract us to perform the service, we will typically supply the following deliverables:

  • Cleaned, 3D Binned (Gridded) XYZ output files of your structures at a user definable resolution
  • A copy of all acquired live data
  • Volume rendered images of structures
  • Dimension measurements of key features
  • Free Time Limited Licences of our Survey Viewer Software to allow clients to view the data in our software.
  • Post Project Report

For further info, please contact: robert.carsley@codaoctopus.com 







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