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/UIS Users Group News Letter - Winter 2014

Welcome to the Winter 2015 Newsletter. UIS users use this technology on a daily basis for crime scene Investigations, dive team monitoring, vessel hull inspections and surveys of critical infrastructure. Moreover, users also use their security asset to support construction applications within their port and community such as bridge and pier inspections, seabed mapping for debris and numerous underwater construction projects. Educate the local Captain of the Port of the unique capability you maintain in the region. With Baseline Comparison Module of Underwater Survey Explorer USE program you can easily compare current scans with baseline to quickly assess changes and provide instant situational evaluation for security or storm events. TEAM is your 24/7/365 support line that provides assistance to ensure you can respond on a moment’s notice and consultation for non-routine operations. Please share your successes and good ideas with the user community.

NOAA - Wreck Fernstream
Late last year NOAA and the USCG reached out to UIS users about surveying a wreck in San Francisco Bay. During a routine training event, SFPD searched for and mapped the Fernstream, a 416-foot motor cargo vessel that sank after a collision near the entrance of the San Francisco Bay in 1952. The resulting maps showed substantially more detail than shown by previous multibeam surveys and NOAA was able to make a more definitive assessment of the threat to the environment. The original scan can be seen at their website here and the UIS scans are below.

Operational Tips: Camera Mode
Using the Echoscope in camera mode allows you to see moving objects and 3D images underwater. You can use the UIS to monitor dive operations, to observe a cutter head dredge operating or to perform a fish or sea mammal count. To watch moving objects below the water line use “Camera Mode” as indicated:

  • Increase Ping rate to the maximum allowed for within the selected range limit. Ideally 12 pings per second, which means you should decrease your max range to less than 30 meters (98 feet). 
  • Next set “Render Style” to either “Point Cloud” and set the point size smaller or choose “Fluffy 2” and increase the point size. 
  • Finally, Set visible pings to either 1 or 5. 

Important Tip: If your F190+ is not operating you can still use the UIS in “Camera Mode” to see 3D images underwater and to see moving objects. However, you will not be able to develop mosaic maps.

UIS Custom Covers

Tip from LBPD - LBPD bought custom covers to protect their mount and F190+ , when not in use. made. The covers come in three different sections to fit most configurations. The company who made the covers is Sea Breeze Canvas in Long Beach, Ca. Contact Tony Clark at 562-425-6008.

Port of Long Beach Breakwater

In August 2014 Hurricane Marie created waves that damaged the jetty protecting the Port of Long Beach. The LBPD used their UIS to collect data along the jetty. This data was provided to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to assist in evaluating the damage. Please contact Steve Smock at the LBPD for more information.

For more information please contact sales@codaoctopus.com 

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