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/Underwater Survey Explorer Version 6.2.0 - New Release

We are pleased to announce the latest maintenance update to our CodaOctopus Underwater Survey Explorer software to version 6.2.0. This is the latest release of our innovative visualization and processing software suite for the Echoscope range of real-time 3D sonars and includes the following updates:

  • Ability to install all USE software variants on a single workstation
  • User-defined integrated pan & tilt presets
  • Enhanced accuracy & consistency of outer beam data

The USE installation architecture has been redeveloped to allow multiple product installations to coexist on a single workstation. Previously, users would have to choose to install Underwater Survey Explorer, the CMS (Construction Management System) Edition or the new 3D Survey Viewer. Users may now install all variants of the software on a single workstation allowing greater flexibility and efficiency when dealing with different project data.

Following the recent success of our 3D IPT (Integrated Pan & Tilt) systems with customers in a variety of challenging applications, including real-time monitoring of offshore wind-farm cable installation, we have added support for user-defined pan and tilt presets. This functionality provides point-and-click positioning of the Echoscope/IPT system to monitor activity over a wide area and also allows fast and repeatable positioning of the system to commonly used project viewpoints.

Finally, improvements to the computation and 3D rendering of the Echoscope’s unique volumetric real-time displays will enhance the accuracy and consistency of the outer beam data for all of the shape and zoom modes available on the latest multi-frequency systems.

This version also builds on the recently released Models+ enhancements that provides recording, playback and live simulation of up to 20 model motion input controllers for precise and complex scene awareness tasks.

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