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/Using the Echoscope 3D real-time imaging sonar and Coda Octopus' expertise, UTEC Completes Important Project in Alaska’s Cook Inlet


Coda Octopus reports UTEC Survey (UTEC)  recently completed an important project installing  a monopod liquid natural gas (LNG) platform and 16 nm 10”  LNG pipeline in the Cook Inlet, Alaska using Coda Octopus’ patented technology, Echoscope along with its technical expertise.

The project was the first monopod installation in the Cook Inlet for 25 years.  Due to poor visibility conditions caused by tidal changes, 6-7 knot currents and heavy silt, UTEC used concurrently four Echoscopesonars to visually monitor the monopod installation. This was the first time four Echoscope systems were operated simultaneously.  The Echoscope provides a real-time 3D detailed, georeferenced image of moving and static images even in low visibility conditions.  During the installation, operators relied on the Echoscope as the primary method to see the monopod’s position relative to the king pile as it was lowered. They easily identified when the monopod was misaligned, made measurements, and took action to accurately position the monopod onto the king pile.

UTEC also simultaneously used three Echoscope systems to successfully lay a 16 nm pipeline in low visibility conditions. These systems were employed for a variety of critical applications. Obstructions, not noted by previous sonar surveys, along the proposed pipe lay route were identified and the route was adjusted.  Another Echoscope monitored the pipe position relative to the stinger, providing operators with a real-time indication of when excessive tension was on the pipe being laid.  The third Echoscope was used to visualize pipeline touchdown, mattress laying, rock dumping and diver operations. Seeing in real-time coupled with the ability to make measurements enabled UTEC to reduce risk and significantly improve productivity rates.

Commenting on the successful completion of the project, UTEC VP Sales and Commercial Doug Catenaci said: “This is the first time we have been asked to install a monopod in the Cook Inlet and we were delighted to use the Echoscope, an unique and innovative technology, and Coda Octopus’ expertise in this area to meet the complicated construction challenges on this project.”

Blair Cunningham, Coda Octopus President of Technology, stated “this was an exciting project working with UTEC to deploy seven (7) Echoscopes for concurrent operations in a harsh and complex environment. These units provided real time visualization and measurement in low visibility conditions, enabling each task to be done safely and within record time. They used the Echoscope for many applications to include: accurately placing a monopod, laying mattresses, identifying obstructions, monitoring a pipe touchdown and providing an indication of tension on a pipe being laid. The Echoscope technology allows service providers such as UTEC to deliver viable and efficient solutions to customers giving them an edge in these challenging times for the Oil & Gas industry.”

For more information about the UIS, please contact our sales team at:sales@codaoctopus.com

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