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A recent order placed by Nautikaris BV completes a trio of Coda Echoscope® purchases by some of CodaOctopus' key international distributors. As well as Cadden (France) and Sea and Land Technologies (Singapore and Malaysia), Nautikaris (Netherlands) last month confirmed an order for an Echoscope 3D real-time sonar.

Whilst Nautikaris has an immediate requirement for the Echoscope, with a contract for Fugro, the 3D real-time sonar system will become a prominent feature in the company's equipment portfolio. Confident of strong demand for the unparalleled 3D visualisation provided by the Echoscope, Nautikaris is now able to offer a completely new service to its customers, especially those in the dredging, hydrographic survey and harbour authority sectors.

Evaluation of the Echoscope included two 2-week trials in the port of Ijmuiden and in the province of Zeeland (Netherlands), large parts of which lie below sea level. The trials were organised by Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch national water management agency, and involved many key industry members including representatives from Fugro. The Echoscope was deployed to survey dams and canals, to locate wrecks and to visualise complex underwater structures and materials.

"We have been aware of the invaluable benefits that the Echoscope can bring to underwater projects since we saw it demonstrated a few years ago," said Cor Beemster, Sales Manager at Nautikaris. "The improvements in definition offered by the new dual frequency model and the undeniable demand for this quality of 3D visualisation means that now is the right time for us to make the system available to our clients."

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