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Coda Octopus Martech
Coda Octopus Martech is staffed by a small energetic group of specialist design and assembly engineers based in our offices in Weymouth in Dorset, UK.
The Company was established in 1988 and was acquired by Coda Octopus largely for the skills and expertise it brings to Group in electronic and mechanical design and manufacturing.
Historically, its core customers have operated in the defense industry, initially in the naval sector developing technology for leading defence companies and government research organisations, and more latterly supplying special test equipment and other high reliability technology to a much wider defence and aerospace customer base.
Recent projects have included the design, development and production of a decontamination chamber for use in a European fighter aircraft ground equipment program for use on some of the exceptionally sophisticated equipment associated with the aircraft. Part of the requirement in this case was not only the technical solution of decontamination, but also making the unit able to withstand the rough and tumble of life in harsh environments. 
Coda Octopus Martech also plays an important role within the Group as it is a key contributor to the Group’s sonar and subsea expertise.
Fuller details on Coda Octopus Martech can be found on its websites at www.martechsystems.co.uk

Coda Octopus Colmek

Coda Octopus Colmek  (“Colmek”) is a Utah corporation and was established 1975.
Colmek was involved in finding both the German battleship, Bismark and the Titanic as well as more recently, the space shuttle, Challenger. 
As the Company has advanced, it has become a key supplier to several of the defense prime contractors in the USA.  The Company was acquired by Coda Octopus in 2007 for its electronics, mechanical and engineering design capabilities and also to provide support of the Group’s marine products in the USA.
It has been a supplier for a number of years of some of the more sophisticated components to both the Phalanx Close in Weapons System and the US Navy’s AN/AQS-24 Mine Hunting System.
More recently, the Company has been involved in the design and production of updates to radar defense systems and also for satellite modems for a communications company.
Colmek is important to the Group as it provides some of the design and engineering skills that are used in the onward design and maintenance of some of our Marine products.
For more information on Coda Octopus Colmek please visit the Company’s website at www.colmek.com

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