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The latest in the DA4G™ series of acquisition systems, the DA4G™ - USB presents the same industry leading digital acquisition and conversion components in an easy-to-use, plug-in solution.

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High quality, robust and reliable data acquisition from the latest digital and analogue side-scan sonar and sub-bottom profiler sensors.

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Integrated hardware acquisition devices with feature rich post-processing software for all levels of geophysical survey work.

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/Survey Engine® Seismic+

The most productive and intuitive tool for seismic data processing, interpretation and reporting.

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: Associated Software

/Survey Engine® Seismic+

Survey Engine® Seismic+ delivers rapid results for shallow seismic data interpretation and reporting. Designed for handling extremely large datasets, Survey Engine® Seismic+ offers a modern and easy to use interface to enable fast and accurate data interpretation and reporting.

/Survey Engine® Sidescan+

Sidescan+ is the Survey Engine® software module for processing and interpreting sidescan sonar data. Built on twenty years of experience that have made Coda Octopus' geophysical software the worldwide market leader, Sidescan+ brings survey interpretation up-to date with the latest database and GIS Technologies.

/Survey Engine® Mosaic+

Survey Engine® Mosaic+ is the most productive, integrated sidescan mosaicing solution for the marine survey industry. Includes full resolution mosaicing with advanced interpretation capability with support for very large surveys.

/Survey Engine® Pipeline+

Survey Engine® Pipeline+ is a targeted interpretation toolkit for interpreting sidescan sonar records from a pipeline inspection survey. Includes full pipeline free span length and height calculations with the ability to define the extents of the interpretation corridor.

/GeoSurvey™ Geokit Sidescan

GeoSurvey™ Geokit Sidescan is the industry leading Geophysical software package for digital interpretation and reporting from sidescan sonar data. With over 15 years of development experience, Geokit Sidescan offers a complete and integrated environment for processing and reporting on previously recorded Sidescan Sonar data.

/GeoSurvey™ Pipeline Inspection

An automated software package for digitally tracking subsea pipelines from sidescan sonar data, GeoSurvey™ Pipeline Inspection delivers vast time saving potential over conventional methods. Used on-line or during post-processing, GeoSurvey™ Pipeline Inspection automatically tracks and marks pipeline exposure points along with the maximum height and start and end points of pipe spans. With over 10 years of development experience, GeoSurvey™ Pipeline Inspection has proven to drastically reduce subsea, acoustic-based, pipeline inspection survey reporting times.

/GeoSurvey™ Mosaic

The GeoSurvey™ Mosaic software package delivers very high resolution sidescan sonar mosaic imagery for a variety of Geophysical survey projects. GeoSurvey™ Mosaic offers a feature-rich environment for sidescan sonar data manipulation, editing and processing, whilst maintaining the highest level of data definition. Integrated to other GeoSurvey™ packages for sidescan interpretation and reporting, GeoSurvey™ Mosaic has been the software of choice for hundreds of worldwide Geophysical Survey companies.

/Geokit on Mosaic

Integrated with both GeoSurvey™ Mosaic and Geokit Sidescan, the Geokit on Mosaic software package is designed for direct data interpretation on a digital sidescan sonar coverage map. Importing per-line interpretation results from Geokit Sidescan, navigation busts for marked features is readily apparent and easily corrected. Geokit on Mosaic offers a variety of reporting formats designed to seamlessly transfer digitally interpreted results to survey charts and reports.

/File Utilities

File Utilities is a powerful software module for managing sidescan sonar and shallow seismic datasets. This versatile package enables low level examination, editing, manipulation and reporting of previously recorded geophysical data. Also offering a host of file format conversion routines, File Utilities is a must-have for marine survey companies.

: Hardware


The latest in the DA4G™ series of acquisition systems, the DA4G™ - USB offer simplified digital data acquisition and conversion in a compact, robust package that plugs directly into a PC.


With an unrivalled reputation for delivering robust, reliable and high quality acquisition systems for Sidescan Sonar and Sub-Bottom Profiler surveys, the fourth generation DA4G™ range is the system of choice for all Geophysical Survey work.