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Compact, Portable Geophysical Acquisition Platform with USB Interface

The DA4G™-USB is the latest in the DA4G™ series of acquisitions systems from the CodaOctopus®:GEO family. This new streamlined system takes the industry leading digital acquisition and conversion components from the DA4G™ and presents them in a robust and smaller package for analogue and digital acquisition. 


This small form-factor platform with generic USB-to-PC interface facilitates the use of existing PC hardware for geophysical data acquisition. The DA4G™-USB runs our GeoSurvey™ software for either single sensor acquisition (sidescan or sub-bottom profiler) or dual sensor acquisition (DA4G™-USB 1000 or 2000). The GeoSurvey™ software dongle can be embedded in the software or issued separately. 

Customers will only need to add a simple PC or laptop to the DA4G™-USB to complete their acquisition package. The GeoSurvey™ software dongle can either be embedded in the new DA4G™-USB or issued separately depending on the customer's preference. 

The new DA4G™-USB is based on the 4th generation of our successful DA product range. Built on twenty years of knowledge, experience and innovation in supplying acquisition systems to the worldwide geophysical survey sector, the DA4G™-USB is a purpose-built, turn-key solution to incorporate the latest hardware specifications designed to meet the demanding nature of offshore survey work. 

With a series of simplified hardware and software solutions that are backed by high quality global service and support, CodaOctopus®:GEO remains the family of choice for advanced geophysical solutions. 

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:Sectors that use this product


  • Site Survey
  • Pipeline Survey
  • Geophysical Survey
  • Geo-Hazard Survey
  • Cable Route Survey
  • Environmental Survey
  • Wind Farm Survey


  • Compatible with all leading sidescan sonars and sub-bottom profilers in digital or analogue formats
  • Acquire digital and analogue data simultaneously 
  • Up to 4 analgoue input channels
  • Dual independent asynchronous triggering
  • Magnetometer input
  • Includes GeoSurvey™ software and fully compatible with the new Survey Engine range of processing software
  • Generic USB-to-PC interface
  • Small form factor, portable acquisition platform®