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Dimension® is a revolutionary new sonar for ROV and AUV operations

Dimension® is a revolutionary new sonar for ROV and AUV operations. Based on patented Echoscope® technology and industry-leading software, Dimension® provides unparalleled real-time visualisation for subsea vehicle applications. Designed for a wide range of ROVs, Dimension® is a unique, true real-time 3D sonar that transforms ROV underwater operations. 

For ease of integration the Dimension® sonar is also supplied with the CodaOctopus® Vehicle Integration Module (VIM). The VIM is vehicle mounted and connects directly to the Dimension® sonar providing interfaces to the ROV power, data and control sub-systems.

Using the CodaOctopus® Vantage software suite and advanced beamforming techniques, the Dimension® sonar provides the ROV pilot with a unique quad-view for safe navigation and obstacle avoidance purposes. The Vantage quad-view features a conventional plan-view, commonly provided by scanning sonars, along with three additional and separate real-time perspectives of the subsea environment.

Dimension® real-time 3D sonar with CodaOctopus® Vantage software is a leading-edge combination that will keep ROVs operating even in the most demanding of subsea conditions. 

The Dimension® can be supplied in OEM form for integration with subsea vehicles to perform unique 3D inspections and obstacle avoidance. Coda Octopus can supply technical integration packs and consultancy to allow clients to seamlessly integrate the Dimension® with their vehicles.


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Dimension® Sonar

  • Instantaneous high definition real time 3D sonar
  • 3D scene updated at optimum rate based on range settings
  • Long range, wide field of view, up to 90° by 32° @ 240kHz
  • Single or dual frequency sonar
  • Integrated Heading, Pitch and Roll sensor
  • Rugged sonar housing up to 3,000m depth rating


  • VIM (Vehicle Integration Module) bottle for simple deployment
  • Single 10Mb Ethernet surface interface

Vantage™ Software

  • Vantage™ Software for control, acquisition and easy to interpret imagery
  • Real-time independent views (Interactive 3D, 2D Plan and 2D Profile)
  • Live broadcast to multiple end users
  • Accurate 3D measurements on all data, including 2D plan view