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The Latest Generation of Real-Time 3D Sonar... Reimagined, Reengineered, and Repackaged

In our constant drive for innovation, Coda Octopus is proud to announce this newest addition to the revolutionary 3D, real-time imaging sonar family. The Echoscope4G® Surface is our latest real-time 3D sonar which offers our unique high resolution, real-time 3D imaging and mapping abilities in a lighter, smaller and lower cost platform. The first product of our new 4th Generation technology. The Surface benefits from the latest in data and image processing hardware in a package that is 50% lighter, 40% smaller and has a 30% lower power requirement

While the Echoscope® family of sonars are rated at 600m to serve the needs of ROVs, AUVs, and other similar vessels, the Surface enters a new, distinct market space for shallow water system operations, rated to a depth of 20m. This plug-and-play solution is built around Coda Octopus' unique patented technology to generate a complete 3D model - composed of over 16,000 soundings from every acoustic transmission, refreshed up to 12Hz. 

The Echoscope4G® Surface series is offered in three distinct frequencies, 240/315/630kHz, and can be configured to the customer's specific requirements. This flexibility enables the full range of Echoscope® functions from ultra-high resolution inspection to wide area mapping from a single lightweight and easy to deploy sensor. 

The Echoscope4G® Surface uses the same proprietary technology to generate real-time 3D images and mapping as the larger Echoscope® and is operated using the same familiar topsides CodaOctopus® Underwater Survey Explorer (USE) and CodaOctopus® Construction Monitoring Software (CMS) while remaining fully compatible with all our existing 3D hardware products and accessories such as dual and single axis rotators, power supply units, and mounting poles. 

The benefits of this lighter, smaller Surface system are extensive for small operating platforms, making projects more efficient without compromising on image fidelity, performance or capability. The Echoscope4G® Surface significantly increases the productivity of subsea projects that require the live monitoring of underwater operations, making it an ideal tool for breakwater construction, port security, marine construction, and underwater inspection tasks. By accurately visualizing the activity below the surface, this brand new innovation from Coda Octopus increases the efficiency of time-constrained projects as well as the safety of the teams that perform them.


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  • Lightest real-time 3D sonar in the world
  • High resolution real-time 3D visualization and mapping
  • High-confidence real-time decision making
  • Highest definition of multibeam data output in the world
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced safety
  • Expert 24x7 Technical Support