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Compact, lightweight, robust and accurate position and motion data

Based on F180® technology, the CodaOctopus® F175 extends the capabilities of a marine surveyor with an existing survey-grade GNSS receiver by blending this position data with the inertial engine inside the F175 unit. The result is an output solution that supplies highly accurate and smoothed variables such as heave, pitch, roll, heading and position.

With the ability to receive position data from a number of GNSS receiver systems, the F175 is an out-the-box solution to access precision motion reference data. Being an inertial based system, the F175 will continue to output data even during GNSS outages. Through tight GNSS and inertial sensor integration, the blended results are more accurate when compared to separate and standalone position, heading and motion reference systems.

With intuitive and easy to use topside MOTION software, the F175 can be quickly mobilised on any vessel of choice. With a standard array of data output formats, the F175 is compatible with all multibeam recording packages such as HYPACK and QINSy.

The F175 is a cost-effective access point to expand the capabilities of existing survey-grade GNSS receivers with an inertial engine in order to determine accurate vessel attitude, position and heading. 

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  • Blended position, heading, attitude and motion data from a single unit
  • Ability to connect to existing GNSS to enhance accuracy
  • Intuitive top-end control software
  • SBAS (WAAS and EGNOS) enabled
  • Standard formats and interfaces
  • Continuous output from inertial solution during brief GNSS outages
  • Compatible with HYPACK, QINSy and other navigation packages
  • Optional INSight software allows for generation of post processed blended solution