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A powerful software module for managing sidescan sonar and shallow seismic datasets.

File Utilities is a simple yet powerful software package for viewing and manipulating survey data from both the GeoSurvey™ suite of software, and standard data formats from other geophysical packages.

Combining four tools in one package, File Utilities offers a low-level file inspection tool, enabling fast access to all recorded parameters; a reporting tool, allowing users to produce detailed reports of fields of interest at specified intervals; a suite of format converters allowing a variety of standard and proprietary formats to be converted into Coda® format, and Coda® format files to be exported as a range of SEGY variants; and a file editor to correct inaccuracies or inconsistencies in previously recorded data.

Ideally suitable for a range of geophysical data handling tasks, File Utilities is a must-have software package for marine survey companies.


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