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Geokit on Mosaic

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Designed for direct data interpretation on a digital sidescan sonar coverage map.

Geokit on Mosaic offers you a versatile and comprehensive set of interpretation tools for use within our GeoSurvey™ Mosaic software package.

Fully compatible with our Geokit Sidescan toolkit, Geokit on Mosaic allows you to import interpretation databases from your individual survey lines and draw them together into your mosaiced geo-referenced dataset; it also allows you to perform interpretation directly onto the mosaiced dataset, giving you immediate access to the data at its native resolution while allowing you to zoom out to see larger features and sediment boundaries in their entirety. All interpretation is referenced back to the original ping data, so if you need to adjust your navigation after interpretation the geo-referencing of features will be adjusted automatically.

Geokit on Mosaic allows you to identify interpreted features which have been observed on multiple lines, and gives you complete control of whether you wish to report on each observation separately, or to merge the observations into a single entity. Graphical QC tools are also provided to allow you to ensure that your entire dataset has been reviewed and checked prior to reporting.

Combined with our Mosaic and Geokit Sidescan packages, Geokit on Mosaic provides a complete interpretation toolkit for modern sidescan sonar survey operations.

Case Study

For an example of how Geokit on Mosaic has been used in a marine archaeological survey data in Greece, please click here.

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