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GeoSurvey™ Mosaic

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/GeoSurvey™ Mosaic

Delivers very high resolution sidescan sonar mosaic imagery for a variety of Geophysical survey projects.

The Mosaic module for GeoSurvey™ adds a new level to sidescan sonar processing and interpretation.  Integrating multiple sidescan lines into a GIS environment in multiple independently-adjustable layers, with each ping drawn according to its real-world position and orientation, Mosaic can quickly and easily build area overviews from sidescan imagery. 

Featuring manual and automatic navigation processing supporting multiple projection systems, even low-quality position inputs can provide high-quality, accurate imagery.

Mosaic features a wide range of display functions and manipulation tools including grids, geo-corrected measuring, user-selectable scales, zooming and orientation, and multiple colour palettes to allow you to manipulate data to produce the best possible results for your purposes.

Mosaic imagery can be exported in Tiff or GeoTiff format at the user’s desired resolution for use in  GIS and charting packages, giving the level of detail you need for your survey application.

Case Study

For an example of how GeoSurvey™ Mosaic has been used in a marine archaeological survey data in Greece, please click here.

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