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GNSS Post Processing for CodaOctopus MOTION sensors

INSight™ is a kinematic post processing tool that allows very accurate GNSS corrections to be applied to CodaOctopus:Motion data. This GNSS data can then be passed through the Kalman filter with the original inertial data to produce fully optimised outputs in MCOM format, which can then be exported to a user definable CSV format. 

INSight allows you to apply advanced post processing techniques to existing GNSS data. This increases the overall accuracy of the final solution to the Motion series products alone and gives you more control over the processed outputs. The ability to post process the CodaOctopus motion data can potentially save time spent repeating surveys due to RTK dropouts, and will improve the quality of your survey deliverables. 

Compatible with the full range of MOTION systems from CodaOctopus, INSight is a valuable post-processing software package. 


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  • Increased accuracy of all outputs resulting in improved survey deliverables
  • Completes any ‘data gaps’ arising from loss of RTK correction signal at time of survey
  • Up to 1cm positional accuracy when no real-time correction available at time of survey
  • Flexible output options for integration of data into multi-beam post processing packages
  • Expert 24x7 Technical Support
  • Compatible with NovAtel Waypoint GrafNav