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Integrated Single Axis Rotator (ISAR)

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/Integrated Single Axis Rotator (ISAR)

3D Integrated Single Axis Rotator (ISAR)

Our ISAR units operate as an integrated solution within the CodaOctopus® Underwater Survey Explorer (USE) software application. The software integration of the rotator unit with the Echoscope® eliminates the need for multiple patch testing during mapping and inspection tasks. All angular and positional offsets are dynamically calculated within the software for accurate and simple operation.

Incorporating high-torque motors, low-backlash gear boxes, and highprecision encoders as standard, capable of station holding the 3D sonar systems in hydro-dynamic environments, the units deliver a maximum of 94 Nm torque. Enclosed in rugged aluminium or stainless steel housings, the units are designed for operation to depths of 500m or 3000m. The ISAR is supplied with either a surface vessel pack incorporating a deck Power Supply Unit and 20m cable and mounting bracket, or as an ROV pack with a 5m whip cable, deck test cable and mounting bracket.

The ISAR can also be supplied with a stand-alone application for control of the unit out-with Coda Octopus software. The data o/p messaging allows for user defined update rates when moving for angular position and the data command protocol and message o/p format is very simple and can be via serial or Ethernet for integration with different software packages.

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  • Includes rugged mounting plate to simplify mounting on a pole or ROV
  • Hard stop index to simplify configuration of angular range of movement
  • Orientation option for sonar mount in portrait and landscape mode
  • Interfaces with heading data to report true heading when used in the pan axis
  • Integrated with the CodaOctopus® Underwater Survey Explorer (USE) software
  • Point-and-click positioning of ISAR in USE 2D control window
  • Stand-alone application available for control out-with USE
  • User defined step values for indexed movement
  • User defined GOTO controls for commonly used project viewpoints