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The Pre-calibrated housing is an option for the F180® MOTION Sensor.

The Pre-calibrated Housing is an accessory for the F180® MOTION series. It contains a mounting arrangement for a standard F180® MOTION Sensor and the two GNSS antennas. Offering the same benefits and specifications as our F180® MOTION Sensor series, our pre-calibrated housing ensures high precision outputs are achieved shortly after power on.

The distances and angular offsets between the MOTION Sensor and the primary antenna are well defined and static. This means that once the Pre-calibrated Housing has been calibrated the system as a whole can be easily transported and used on different vessels without the need to perform a new calibration procedure at the next installation. Since the offset measurements are already set, the system can be up and running within 15 minutes once it has been bolted into place.

The pre-calibrated housing is an integral part of the CodaOctopus® Underwater Inspection System (UIS) to enable rapid mobilisation. However, it can also provide significant benefits to multibeam operators or positioning companies who wish to avoid any calibration times or who have vessels unable to provide the required manoeuvring dynamics to achieve system calibration.

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