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Ruggedized Protection Cage

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/Ruggedized Protection Cage

Enhanced protection for your 3D sonar in exposed and harsh environments

The 3D Ruggedized Protection Cage provides a rugged enclosure for the protection of Echoscope® and Dimension® sonars in exposed and harsh environments.

The ruggedized cage facilitates simple and quick mounting of the Echoscope® or Dimension® sonar head with fixing points to enable attachment onto the deployment platform.

Using an acoustically transparent shield, the cage provides robust protection from direct frontal impact to the sonar where the transmit and receive transducers are located.

The cage incorporates four shock isolation mounting points for the sonar head which deliver protection from shock and high frequency vibration and ensure continued operation in demanding environments.

The cage is suited to range of deployment scenarios including ROV deployment where front impact is a common risk and on crane and excavator deployment where the head is subjected to a high degree of shock and vibration in and out of the water.

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:Sectors that use this product


Crane and excavator deployments

ROV deployments


Protects your 3D sonar from excess shock and vibration

Compatible with both Echoscope® and Dimension® sonars

Easy to fit and maintain

Lightweight, yet strong and durable (316 Stainless Steel)

Front shield can be purchased separately