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The Smart Switch is an ideal solution for marine construction tasks where the 3D sonar is being repeatedly submersed and removed from the water

The Smart Switch allows the operator to confidently continue operations, safe in the knowledge that the risk of inadvertent sonar damage has been minimized.

The Smart Switch has a sensor which detects when the system is not submerged and will turn off acoustic transmission, reducing power consumption to a minimum. In this state, the 3D sonar does not transmit and so avoids damage to the transmitter which can result from prolonged operation out of water. Additionally, the sonar generates minimal heat and so can remain in air for much longer periods without triggering the thermal cut-off switch.

Once the Smart Switch detects that it has re-entered the water, it restores the 3D sonar to its previous state and starts acquiring data immediately.

The Smart Switch is encapsulated in a short cable length, designed to fit inline between the existing sonar cable and the sonar itself, allowing flexible positioning of the water sensor for shallow submersions.

The Smart Switch works with any model of Coda Octopus 3D sonar* and is quick and simple to install.

*A firmware upgrade of the Echoscope® sonar may be required

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  • Protects 3D sonar against accidental overheating
  • Protects 3D sonar from transmitter damage
  • Ideal for marine construction tasks
  • Suitable for ROV, crane & excavator installations
  • Functions with any model of 3D sonar*
  • Simple to install