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Survey Engine® Sidescan+

:Product Overview

/Survey Engine® Sidescan+

The most productive and intuitive tool for sidescan data processing, interpretation and reporting

Sidescan+ is the Survey Engine® software module for processing and interpreting sidescan sonar data.  Built on twenty years of experience that have made Coda Octopus' geophysical software the worldwide market leader, Sidescan+ brings survey interpretation up-to date with the latest database and GIS Technologies.

Based around a flexible database, Survey Engine® gives fast access to all survey information, even from the largest data sets. As a result, Sidescan+ offers exceptional time saving advantages when processing and interpreting sonar data.

Sidescan+ integrates fully with Seismic+ so that both sidescan and seismic data sets can be used in the same project yielding significant interpretation productivity benefits. Sidescan sonar processing functionality can be greatly expanded by using Mosaic+ - a powerful module for creating high resolution mosaics and interpreting features on the mosaic quickly and easily.  For pipeline inspection surveys, the intrepretation and reporting functionality can be greatly expanded by Pipeline+.

Coda Octopus software is used throughout the world and has always boasted an extensive and enthusiastic user base among geophysical professionals because of the wide range of tools provided. Experienced users will find the vital tools they are familiar with, presented in a much more user friendly way, as well as a host of essential new features.

Key Features

  • Import huge data sets with thousands of line kilometres
  • Intuitive and easy to use software results in a much more productive and enjoyable experience
  • No data subsampling compromises - access every sample of data and navigation information at any time
  • Support for all industy standard data formats (CODA, XTF, JSF, SES)
  • Integrated GIS funcitonality
  • Powerful processing functions including TVG, TVF, Trace Mixing, Envelope etc
  • Support for the Seabed Survey Data Model (SSDM)
  • User configurable interpretation types with the ability to share between projects
  • View interpretation in the GIS window
  • Export your interpretation in AutoCAD® DXF and GIS SHP format
  • Powerful and Flexible reporting tool (DXF, GIS (SHP), Excel, ASCII, CSV, HTML, XML)
  • High resolution TIFF export
  • Multi-level undo manager

Special upgrade pricing is available for existing users of Survey Engine® and GeoSurvey™ GeoKit Sidescan, please contact sales@codaoctopus.com for further information.

Survey Engine® Sidescan+ is available for a trial period, please contact sales@codaoctopus.com for further information.

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Geophysical survey

Site survey

Geohazard survey

Pipeline route survey

Cable route survey

UXO survey


Highly productive, integrated environment

Powerful: manage huge data sets

Seabed Survey Data Model (SSDM) integration

Reduced reporting costs

Easy to use: intuitive user interface increases efficiency

Export 24x7 Technical Support