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Time Lock Power Supply

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/Time Lock Power Supply

Synchronize Your Echoscope® to an External Time Source

The Time Lock Power Supply keeps your real-time 3D Echoscope® sonar accurately synchronized to an external time source.

With a synchronization accuracy of 1 millisecond, your Echoscope® system will be synchronized with your time source for the duration of the survey.

The accuracy of your 3D mosaicked data can be greatly improved by applying a post-processed navigation file using the Corrected Navigation feature in CodaOctopus® Underwater Survey Explorer.

The Time Lock Power Supply requires only a standard NMEA ZDA string over RS-232 and a 1PPS (pulse per second) signal as inputs. Easy-to-read LEDs on the power supply housing display the status of both inputs and the synchronization status.

Available on new power supplies, the time lock feature is a valuable addition to your real-time 3D Echoscope® data acquisition capability.

This functionality is also available in the CodaOctopus® 3D Productivity Station (3DPS), CodaOctopus® Vehicle Integration Module (VIM) and as an OEM hardware package. This functionality is fully compatible with the F180® series and F175™ products.

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For use with your Echoscope® 3D sonar to allow accurate post processing of mosaicked data


Synchronize your Echoscope® to an external time source

1ms accuracy

Improve mosaicked data accuracy with post processed navigation

Integrated power and communications hub