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Coda Octopus has been a world leader in supplying both on-line recording systems and post-processing software solutions to the global Geophysical Survey market for over a decade. With a very large global customer base spanning all levels of survey operator, the GEO range has a track record of being robust, reliable and versatile.

Our on-line acquisition systems are now into their 4th generation. The new DA4G™ range of geophysical  recording systems offer both analogue and digital interfaces to either sidescan sonar or sub-bottom profiling sensors. Our top of the range system, the DA4G 2000, will record data from both sensors simultaneously. Using state of the art hardware with our feature-rich acquisition software, the DA4G™ range will provide continuous operation for any level of geophysical survey work.

Building on over 15-years of experience developing geophysical post-processing software, our all new Survey Engine® suite is designed to handle mammoth datasets and deliver quick and easy to use interpretation and reporting tools. Our Survey Engine® Seismic+ module enables users to perform high-level shallow seismic interpretation and processing with the added ability to import and geo-reference other data reports e.g. core logs and video snippets, for easy retrieval and review.  Split into Seismic+ SP for small project work, or the unlimited Seismic+ package, our database drive post-processing software solutions gets the job done quickly, efficiently and accurately. 

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