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The RENTAL service from Coda Octopus provides access to its patented real-time 3D sonar solutions including software, hardware and all accessories. We also have short-term Survey Engine® Licenses (all modules) and F185 with pre-calibrated housings. Our rental solution is bundled with necessary software, hardware and other accessories (such as integrated Pan & Tilt).  We also provide expert operators who can provide training, assist in mobilization of equipment or run the real-time 3D solution for your Project.

Rental of our real-time 3D solutions from Coda Octopus delivers more than just equipment. As the inventors of this patented technology, we have unrivalled knowledge and experience, gained over years of supporting a huge range of projects, to ensure the best deployment methodology to support your project.

Our skilled and experienced operators can be hired to provide a full range of services, from planning and executing a survey using any of our real-time 3D sonars, to set-up and mobilisation of equipment, operation of equipment through the duration of the project through to delivery of high quality training to enable your team to operate our range of real-time 3D sonar systems independently.

Rental from Coda Octopus will deliver:

  • The latest version of the Echoscope® with Dual-frequency operation, ZOOM function and time-sych data stamping as standard or other sonars as you may require;
  • Time-synch PSU enabling integration of GPS Time and PPS for accurate timestamping of the Echoscope® data as standard
  • Access to back-up systems through the largest pool available of Echoscope® and associated equipment
  • Latest CodaOctopus® USE PRO software with all modules enabled (Live, Replay, Models+, Exporting and Baseline Comparison). Additional CodaOctopus® Vantage dongle will be supplied for greater flexibility in multi-application scenarios
  • 24x7x365 technical support from our dedicated and experienced Support Team to deal with any technical issues and keep your project on track
  • A complementary 30 day CodaOctopus® USE license to process your data for customer delivery
  • Up to two days post project support to assist in cleaning up data and preparing videos of the project

With sufficient notice we can implement software features that may optimize your project.

  • /GEO: We can also supply our GEO range of products as a rental solution. This includes the latest Survey Engine® Geophysical post-processing modules. PRO versions of our software can be provided as a softlock, enabling fast and efficient remote download and operation at an attractive daily rate.

  • /MOTION: Our F185 range of GNSS aided inertial navigation systems has been a standard product within the survey market for years, offering accurate and reliable RTK aided position and MOTION data. We have F185 systems available for rental, including pre-calibrated housings, at cost-effective daily rates.

To discuss your project and access high definition real-time 3D sonar technology, please contact: sales@codaoctopus.com 


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